My journey has been rocked by the fascination of the virtues that can bring the massage and its different practices. Since 1993, I am enriched and perfected on the subject …

Level 1 and 2 (Hands, face, feet) with “CERFT.P” in Paris
Californian massage with “FD Conseils” in Paris
Structural massage with “ARTEC” in Châtenay-Malabry 92
Complete training in LITHOTHERAPY : With Jean-Claude SENOUSSI in Luçon 17
Trained in the diploma of medical and psychological help, level 2 in sonatotherapy and non-therapeutic massage certificate.

… and goes into practice thanks to various experiences in this area : body care and relaxation workshops in a specialized reception center (Ormessson sur Marne 94) …

Provision of services: workshops, internships, week-end

Practitioner in “well-being” and “stress management” massages at home, in companies and with individuals.

In May 2008 I became a massage practitioner (non-therapeutic) with the support of a portage company “Massage Office” Paris 8th and in May 2008 with the carrier company AEGID.



Accompaniment in “stress management” to employees of the RATP in Créteil 
Animator “stress management” at the women’s prison of Versailles 78

At the same time, my personal development goes through theater, pottery, gospel, aromatherapy and energetic courses.




Non-therapeutic massages “well-being” and “stress management”

  • At home, in companies.
  • A NANTES: Library “In the Son of Time”: Monday and Thursday: From 15:00 to 19:00.
  • In ST NAZAIRE, 1 street of Pornichet on the ground floor:
Call me at the beginning of the week for schedule management
Any appointment canceled under 24H00 is due.

  • Massages on the ground on adapted mattress, with the possibility to adapt the oil, the music, the massage according to your personality.

* Before making an appointment:

  • Make sure your health allows you to receive a non-therapeutic massage.
  • Inform me in case of pregnancy of less than 3 months.
  • Contraindication for people who have: Infections, febrile states, bone fractures, muscle tears, 
    phlebitis, arthritis, cancer, acute abdominal pain, unstable heart disease.

* Gentlemen, for any other request: Please contact the professionals who have the skills to meet some of your needs.