Golden Book

Anna, 32 years old Montoir de bretagne

The 15/06/2009

Thank you for this good time. I learned to take a good breath and to exchange a lot of good things. To put the ballast! Now I know a little more about my desire to give birth to my son. Thank you.


José: Director of Gospel Agency

On 28/04/2009 22:52:27

AHHHH! … After a massage “Well-being”, my body sighed after an active pose like the one Sophie offers in listening and softness. Thank you for this lasting pleasure. You make an excellent choice of life!



On 28/04/2009 22:47:16

“Absolutely Fabulous Massage” Sitting “! Both at the level of the massage as at the level of the listening. I needed to release this pressure that I hold deep within me for several months. An extraordinary experience that to be able to confide in someone who listens to us. Thank you very much and I’m thinking of very soon, because there is still work … “Week end: GOURMAND’ART


Jean Michel

The 28/04/2009 22:45:24

“Admirable massage” Sitting “Sophie who gives all his know-how and his energy to relax the person and help him find the well-being that we must have. After the session, I felt a calm in my head and looseness of the whole body.Thanks Sophie “. Weekend of 25 and 26 April: GOURMAND’ART: The Launay Chapel


Anne-Claire: Tourist Office of SAVENAY

On 28/04/2009 22:42:39

Wow! Super massage moment “Sitting” Sophie! I think we have work together … Still! It’s really great what you do, because you get to know each other better and I realize it’s really important.


Eglantine: Miss Brittany 2007

On 28/04/2009 22:40:06

15 minutes of massage “Sitting” which are spent too fast! I fell asleep so much that it gives me a sense of well-being.


Elisabeth 44260 SAVENAY

On 28/04/2009 22:37:34

Very pleasant moment of massage “sitting”, the relaxation is at the rendezvous and at my place it is an exploit.


Jeannette, 44 The Launay Chapel

The 28/04/2009 22:33:47

Thank you Sophie for this moment of relaxation. I forgot during the Massage “sitting” that I was in a shopping mall. Week from April 20 to 24 at the hyper U of SAVENAY.


Claudine Caregiver, 49600 BEAUPREAU.

On 18/04/2009 22:35:59

What happiness! well-being, relaxation for the fragile points thanks to my name everything is real. To renew this experience in “Sitting massage”.


Blandine hospital agent 41 years old: 49600 GESTURE.

On 18/04/2009 22:35:07

Thank you for this exquisite “Sitting Massage” relaxation, which is very good after the “TEPACAP of SAVENAY” branch. The massage was done gently, we forget the stress of everyday life; and we can quickly let go! In addition Sophie was able to identify through my name all my fragile points. What happiness !! … to renew. Thank you so much.


Florence, Rehabilitation Trainer, Launay Chapel.

On 18/04/2009 22:33:42

Very nice, the time did not exist any more. I had no mark other than me. I feel soft, supple. The massage leaves me feeling warm. Thank you.


François-Xavier, Director of the swimming pool of Cordemais

On 17/04/2009 21:38:55

What happiness! Everything is forgotten, stress, responsibilities .. Long live the next.


Anna 31 years old: 6th month of pregnancy, Montoir de Bretagne

On 14/04/2009 20:26:53

A gentle massage for a perfect relaxation, which allowed me to escape and let go! Thank you very much for this beautiful gift you made me there. A sincere friend!


Sandrine 35 years Sophrologist, The trinity on sea

The 25/03/2009 20:27:10

I have been consulting Sophie for a year and a half. I tested and tried a lot of bodily wellness techniques before … And nothing is equal to what she does. She helped me find my body envelope, my body self. With all its softness, it managed to make me let go of the tensions bodily but especially of the mental tensions which burdened me. Sophie knows how to do it and I have great happiness at each session to let me do it, with confidence and in all gentleness. Thank you Sophie.


Isabelle 38 years old, Savenay

The 24/03/2009 18:38:51

Ouhaooou! What happiness! Thank you for this moment of relaxation, but it’s more than that. After a session, I find my body, all parts of my body, but lightened. I feel flexible, my head more liberated, well what. That massages become a lifestyle.


Anne-Claire 25 years old, SAVENAY

The 24/03/2009 14:24:37

Massage “stress management”: congratulations and thank you again Sophie, you were able to find my stress points, make me disappear … some more resistant than other …. thanks to you I learn a lot about myself and it’s really important to get to know each other in other ways. the massage was really at the right time, relaxing, rewarding, enjoyable ….! I really advise everyone around me as soon as I can! I was really serene after the massage and I really needed it !! Thank you again and see you soon for new adventures! Kenavo


Niels 13 years old, SAVENAY

The 22/03/2009 22:35:53

I received a massage of the hands, face and skull from Sophie and I felt as and when the massage that the relaxation was acting on the whole of my body and on a hematoma that I made myself recently during a football training. At the end of the massage I felt more relaxed. I want to renew the sessions to combine medical treatment with the benefits of massages Sophie.


Lise and Adeline 18 years old, CORDEMAIS

The 20/03/2009 19:35:36

The link between the first name and the massage is amazing! Thank you for these 10 Min. Lise. Thank you for these 10min massage very nice. I will start again ! Adeline. Massages received during the Zen party at the pool of Cordemais on 19/03/2009.


Angélique 29 years old, St Etienne de Montluc

The 20/03/2009 19:30:47

Sophie knows very well the places that it is desirable to take care.Things that we rarely do or not at all! It’s a great time you feel much better and more relaxed. Thank you very much. To redo. Massage of 20 Min received during the Zen party in Cordemais on 19/03/2009.


Patricia 43 years old, Cordemais

The 20/03/2009 19:20:05

Moment of relaxation to agree a little more often, to meet and get to know each other.Moment too short during the Zen party at the swimming pool of Cordemais, to renew in a while … to do again … 20 Min massage received during the evening Zen in Cordemais on 19/03/2009.


Sonia 43 years old, Fay de Bretagne

The 20/03/2009 19:18:31

Thank you for this very pleasant relaxation and renew more often at the pool. Sophie is very kind. Massage of 20 Min received during the Zen party in Cordemais on 19/03/2009.


Régis 40 years old, ST Marc

The 11/03/2009 13:14:44

After 3 massages “management of stress” received from Sophie, pain but benign but related to daily life have disappeared. Sophie locates very quickly the tensions that you can have and make them disappear as and when sessions.


Josette 60 years old, VINCENNES

The 04/03/2009 22:58:02

“In 2003 I followed with another eight people a communication internship with Miss DURAND as a facilitator. Miss DURAND immediately established a climate of trust between participants who did not all know each other. This internship has allowed me to improve communication with other people and is always a great help to me. I recommend this course to all because it really allows to see the communication in a different light and daily bring great satisfaction. It allows for simpler and more beautiful exchanges through a better involvement of everyone, by the awareness of the importance of passing a message that corresponds to what we really think as respect and listening are mutual “. Josette SERBOURCE, accountant Participant of the workshop “how to communicate better” in Vincennes, 94


Laurence 41 years old, Nantes

The 27/02/2009 13:23:53

“Go on vacation in your head” here are the words of Sophie. Sophie has the art of combining softness and firmness! The sweetness in the words, in listening to your person, the immediate confidence that innate gift that puts you at ease.And it has an incredible energy and inexhaustible when it massages us.You do not feel the members of your body, you float in a peaceful atmosphere. It feels so good after … it’s a real pleasure to live and relive!


Pascal 53 years old, Vertou

The 2/13/2009 11:16:19

I would like to bear witness to the quality of Sophie’s massages; his touch, his sensitivity transforms his massages into a beautiful journey, both energetic, harmonizing bringing calm in body and mind to consume without moderation


Nathalie, 41 years old, St Brévin

The 2/13/2009 11:12:16

when I met Sophie I immediately appreciated its authenticity. knowing that I was practicing massage she offered me an exchange and we made an appointment. I am very sensitive to touch and contact and do not always appreciate some massages received. Sophie was able to intuitively listen to me and my needs and I appreciated her quality of presence during the massage. so we renewed the experience by giving us these times of sharing and I always come out serene and relaxed. it’s always a moment of pleasure. thank you Sophie for your generosity and welcome to Loire-Atlantique


Fabienne 37 years old, VINCENNES

The 2/13/2009 10:27:42

I have been able to appreciate Sophie Durand’s massages several times: her touch, her sensitivity, her intention are just right and adapt to the needs. His generosity, his listening and his authenticity are a blessing. I thank her for giving me so much and for making me progress at my own pace. It’s a shame that she is no longer in the Paris region, I no longer enjoy her relaxation massages and I regret it …


Françoise 59 years old, NOISIEL

The 2/13/2009 10:24:02

Sophie is truly an artist of the moment. Instinctively she has the art of communicating through touch. Wilhelm Reich affirmed “Every muscular tension contains the history and meaning of its origin”. And to relieve these tensions Sophie’s hands are extraordinary. They simply and surely go “where it hurts” to meet the most hidden physical and psychological tensions. The experience I had made upset me. His sensitivity, his listening, his intuition are wonderful. His massages give me an infinite relaxation, an inner peace, I get together and reconcile with myself. So I thank Sophie for being here, she is an exceptional person and still hopes for a lot of